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Stucco Patching and Waterproofing, Punta Gorda, FL

Stucco is a construction material known to be best for the exterior of homes and buildings. For years, it has become well-known for being durable and efficient. Especially with its developments, stucco has been the most preferred material for exterior walls, sidings, and ceilings. Many stucco companies specialize in installing the material. But for US Stucco Repair, we have made it our main goal to master stucco repair, stucco installation, and stucco maintenance. Because of our dedication to our work, we continue to be the best in Punta Gorda, FL and surrounding areas. Our portfolio will show you how excellent we are utilizing this product as well as creating masterpiece designs. From getting so much from its long lifespan, you can also achieve an exterior that enhances the home or building’s entire look. 

While stucco has carried a great reputation due to its durability, it does not mean that it is impervious. Cracks and holes can develop over time, especially with exposure to water or moisture. These are but common mishaps that can be remedied easily with early detection and stucco repair services. In these cases, you have our stucco repair contractors to assist you in fixing your exterior’s damage. We offer a wide variety of high-quality stucco services that repairs these issues, such as stucco crack repair, stucco hole repair, stucco patching and waterproofing, and more. 

The Benefits of Stucco Patching and Waterproofing

Stucco patching and waterproofing are repair methods that treat holes or cracks on your stucco. These are important because of how these problems create a more open or easy entryway for water or moisture. The damage that water can do to your structure could increase due to these cracks or holes. These are good options depending on the condition of the damage or the stage when it will be placed. Talk to our representatives to learn more about our stucco repair services. Unlike other stucco companies, we make sure that our customers are well-informed before we perform any service.

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What is stucco patching and waterproofing?

Stucco patching is literally about patching the hole. But not as simple as that. Our team of experienced, well-trained, and certified contractors will start by inspecting the hole or crack, then assessing its surrounding stucco whether they remain to be structurally sound. If this surrounding area has also suffered weathering and damage, we will remove this to make sure that the stucco patch repair works. Then, we will apply the patch material over the area exposed. We will then smoothen it and apply the color that matches your exterior. The result is that it looks good as new.

What is stucco waterproofing?

As we have thoroughly explained, water is a damaging agent in stucco siding or exteriors. But with waterproofing, an additional layer that acts as a barrier against water. It can either be a waterproof paint or a waterproof barrier. 

The waterproof paint is ideal to increase the protection of your stucco. It could be applied if your siding is in a good condition. This is a coating that is cheap and that adds that layer of protection from water. On the other hand, a waterproof barrier can be used with your stucco patch repair. This particular waterproofing method is applied underneath the exposed area before treating a crack or a hole. This gives an extra barrier that prevents water from getting inside your repair stucco. 

With stucco patch and waterproofing, you can expect that you can enjoy your stucco damage-free for a few more years or even decades. In short, both these methods allow you to extend the benefits that you get from your stucco exteriors. US Stucco Repair is an expert in repairing stucco so you need not worry about these problems as you see signs now.

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