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Stucco Installation and Stucco Refinishing, Punta Gorda, FL

Stucco is a trusted superior, inexpensive, and commercial-grade construction material. It is a preferred material for many households and commercial buildings in the United States, Middle East, Europe, and many parts of Asia. With its durability, efficiency, and long lifespan, it has helped many structures’ exterior to withstand decades of time and changing weather conditions. It is undeniable that even residences in Punta Gorda, FL and nearby areas have been patronizing this material. Thus, US Stucco Repair has dedicated years of service to mastering both stucco installation and stucco repair services for our customers. 

With its impressive technology, hardcoat stucco and EIFS system have been considered as two of the best construction materials for exterior walls, sidings, and ceilings. Many stucco repair and installation companies have focused on ensuring that the advantages of this material are experienced by their customers. For US Stucco Repair, we put our customers first. We do that by using the best materials, applying the best techniques, and hiring the most qualified and professional stucco repair contractors. While we are best known for our stucco repair services, such as stucco sealing, stucco patching, and stucco crack repair, we also specialize in stucco installation. This is perfect for replacing old and worn-out stucco, switching from other siding material to stucco as well as for newly built homes and buildings. All our services at US Stucco Repair are cost-effective, prompt, and reliable.

The Stucco Installation Process

An important part of the success of having a durable, long-lasting stucco siding, ceiling, or exterior is to follow the steps in the installation process. While it is quick, it is also very technical in nature that requires skills. It also depends upon the type of stucco that we install like EIFS. That is why our stucco repair contractors are well-trained, certified, and experience in the job that we do.  

Stucco installation may take days to weeks depending on the size of the surface. It can be applied in brick or masonry or wood sheathing. The application will depend on which base you prefer. For masonry, which is more basic, it is important that this base is repaired, ensuring that the wall is washed, and that fresh mortar is applied to the damaged parts. Then it is time to begin hanging the building paper at the wall’s bottom and overlap each successive layer. Fasten the paper with staples or galvanized nails. Next is to fasten the trim accessories with the same type of nails. Then, we fasten the netting to the surface. After these steps, we should have prepared the mix of the stucco. Then, it is time to apply the stucco in a two to three coating system. After which, our stucco contractors will leave the stucco dry. 

That is ideally the steps involved in stucco installation. But within these steps, there are other more specific and technical steps that you can learn more about when you see us work. Definitely, the stucco installation at our stucco repair company is all about precision. So, you need not worry about the outcome because we assure you that you will love the quality and the design.

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What is Stucco Refinishing?

Stucco refinishing is a restoration method of old stucco siding or exterior. After our stucco repair contractors inspect and repair the decade-old or more wall, the beauty and functionality are restored to the original condition of the wall. We typically advise this when the current condition of the exterior wall can still be saved. In short, when the damage from water has not created huge cracks, holes, or internal issues, we can then provide the refinishing service. However, when it appears from our expert inspection that the stucco repair is not possible anymore, we will refrain from pushing through the exterior wall repair service. Instead, we will advise stucco removal, then newly install the stucco. 

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At, US Stucco Repair, we only provide the service that will benefit our customers other than providing them with long-term problems and regret. That is why always make sure that we inspect your property first before concluding on what is best for it. While we provide a free initial quote, it is only to give you an idea of the packages that we offer. From stucco hole repair, stucco sealing, and stucco crack repair to exterior wall repair, stucco refinishing, and stucco installation of EIFS system and hardcoat stucco, you can rely on us!

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